NYC Health Chief Shares Tips on How to Stay to Avoid a Post-Thanksgiving


The COVID-19 epidemic will not be put on hold during the holidays.

According to CNBC, the country’s largest rise in cases occurred during the Christmas season last year, peaking at more than 250,000 per day on Jan. 11. Early in 2021, the number of reported deaths peaked at almost 3,400 each day.

With this in mind, New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi shared a number of tips on Wednesday for staying safe and reducing the risk of infection during the Thanksgiving and Hanukkah holidays — a time when millions of holiday travelers are expected to hit the roads, rails, and skies, many of whom will be leaving town for the first time in two years thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines.

“On Thanksgiving Eve, I’m glad for so much: the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, and to do it more securely and healthily than this time last year,” Chokshi said.

“With over 76 percent of all New Yorkers receiving at least one vaccination shot, we’ve made headway against COVID-19. This is significant progress, and it is due to the fact that so many New Yorkers have taken the initiative to do the right thing. Let’s keep it going through the holidays.”

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Dr. Dave Chokshi, the New York City Health Commissioner, Suggests the Following:

“Every activity is safer if you are completely vaccinated,” Chokshi said, adding that “when everyone is vaccinated, people may feel comfortable coming together in small gatherings.”

Despite the readily available immunizations and recently approved booster doses, health officials are issuing early warnings to Americans because to fears of a winter rise in cases.

Virus testing is still a valuable tool in the effort to stop COVID-19 from spreading. Travelers may get free quick testing at airports in the tri-state area, as well as other key transit hubs.

Testing before and after gatherings or travel, according to Chokshi, offers another degree of security.

According to the health commissioner, with testing readily available across New York City, over 70% of test results are returned within a day, with quick testing centers as another alternative.

“If you’re among a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated friends or family,” he added, “testing and other measures become much more crucial.”

Chokshi advises against gathering or traveling if you are unwell, even if you have made preparations.

“If you feel OK and want to travel, use a face mask and wash your hands often,” he said.

If you’re traveling, the health commissioner recommends that you learn about covid transmission at your destination and plan accordingly.

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