Nyc Clears Ways for Any Adult to Get Booster, But Process Isn’t Hassle-Free for Some


New York City has issued an advisory allowing all adults who want a booster to get one in an effort to combat the rising COVID-19 cases. Still some are discovering that the process is not as simple as they had hoped.

Renata Prentes was getting a COVID-19 test in Lower Manhattan on Thursday, ahead of her Thanksgiving trip. She was also given a boost.

However, a number of New Yorkers are discovering that the process is not as simple as they had hoped. Some vaccination facilities, such as CVS pharmacies, are requiring those who seek a booster dose to explain their request by demonstrating that they are over 65 or working as an essential worker.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday that drugstore chains may have misunderstood when New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi announced he was releasing a commissioner’s advisory: “no obstacles to access,” which means that any adult 18 and up who wants a booster injection can obtain one.

“We recognize that certain states may broaden the requirements for COVID-19 boosters,” a CVS spokesman told News 4 New York, “but our participation in the Federal Pharmacy Program requires us to follow guidelines from the FDA and CDC.”

Meanwhile, New York City’s chief medical advisor, Dr. Jay Varma, stated that the city’s recommendation does not contravene federal rules.

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“We did not violate federal [rules].” We’re suggesting that we don’t need a medical condition “He stated. “We basically mean that we don’t require individuals to attest.”

Because COVID-19 cases are on the rise, the city is emphasizing the need of booster shots and getting children aged 5 to 11 immunized.

The state’s health administration has extended Thursday mask regulations for schools and health care facilities, which were supposed to expire next week.

However, there is some encouraging news about development on the vaccination mandate: Currently, 94 percent of municipal personnel have been immunized. In three weeks, the NYPD jumped from 70 percent to 87 percent vaccinated; the FDNY went from 58 percent to 88 percent; and EMS climbed from 62 percent to 92 percent vaccinated.

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