News Van Hit After Pulling Over to Assist Woman Who Spun Out on Southbound I-5


During ABC10’s Live Drive fragment, soon after 5:30 a.m. on Thursday, Mark S. Allen and photojournalist Mark Willis showed street conditions on Southbound I-5 close to Sutterville when a vehicle on the extreme right path hit a puddle and turned out into a trench.

Our news group was writing about traffic conditions and pulled to the roadside and called 911 in the wake of seeing the mishap.

The driver, who said her name was Daisy, didn’t experience any significant wounds.


Soon after pulling over, ABC10’s news van was hit by another vehicle.

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No significant wounds from either mishap have been accounted for.

Traffic Safety authorities suggest going 10 miles each hour under as far as possible.

A few mishaps have been accounted for close to the Sacramento region Thursday morning.

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