New York Governor Declares State of Emergency, Warns Omicron Variant Is Coming


Governor Kathy Hochul of New York signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency on Friday, November 26th, in response to an increase in COVID-19 infections in the state and the threat of the omicron version.

Hochul took to Twitter to say: “This winter, we’ve seen warning signals of COVID surges, and while the new Omicron variety hasn’t been discovered in New York State yet, it’s on its way. I signed an Executive Order today to assist @HealthNYGov in increasing hospital capacity in advance of any surges.”

“We will also be able to procure crucial supplies more rapidly to battle the epidemic as a result of our move,” she added.


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According to statistics, 6,295 COVID-19 positive cases were recorded in Additional York on Friday, with 28 new deaths, but no instances of the new omicron form have been detected.

The newly discovered B.1.1.529 COVID-19 strain was dubbed ‘Omicron’ by the World Health Organization on Friday, November 26th, after it was initially identified in South Africa on November 24th.

The WHO designated it as a “variant of concern,” warning that it has a substantial number of mutations. It was also recommended that governments improve their surveillance and sequencing efforts in this regard.

“There are several mutations in this variation, some of which are problematic. In comparison to other VOCs, preliminary research shows that this variation has a higher risk of reinfection. In practically all of South Africa’s provinces, the number of cases of this variety looks to be growing “On Friday, the WHO issued a statement.

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