New York COVID Cases Jumped 25%, And These Regions Exceeded 8% Positivity. Check By County


COVID-New York 19 new cases have been reported in the last week, with regional inequalities widening even further.

On a seven-day average, COVID positivity rates in the Finger Lakes and western New York jumped above 8% for the first time in months, while rates in New York City lingered around 1%.

The statewide positivity rate reached 3.2 percent, with rates beginning to rise in the Hudson Valley (2.5 percent), Southern Tier (4.6 percent), and central New York (5.6 percent).

Consequently, new coronavirus cases increased by 25% in New York in the week ending Sunday, and the state placed 27th among the states with the highest per-person transmission of coronavirus, according to a USA TODAY Network study of Johns Hopkins University statistics.

Governor Kathy Hochul has issued a warning about rising interest rates. COVID cases increased 11.5 percent in the United States last week.

COVID instances in Westchester County increased 41 percent week over week, while Dutchess County increased 28 percent. Cases increased by 30% in Broome County and 11% in Chemung County in the Southern Tier.

Meanwhile, instances in Monroe County were up 35%, and in Oneida County, they were up 32%.

The very worst weekly outbreaks have occurred once again in counties with lower vaccination rates than in many other parts of the state. On a per-person basis, the worst weekly outbreaks in New York occurred in Washington, Orleans, and Cattaraugus counties, where the immunization rate was about 51%.

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However, bigger counties with greater vaccination rates saw an increase in cases as well: Erie County, the biggest upstate county, had the most new cases in the last week.

Despite this, New York placed 11th among states in terms of the proportion of persons who received at least one vaccination, with 76 percent of its citizens at least partially vaccinated. According to a USA TODAY examination of CDC statistics, the national rate was 68 percent.

On Saturday, there were around 1,900 hospitalizations in New York, which was fewer than the previous winter’s peak but still significantly more than the same time last year.

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