Tax Reform Makes Charitable Giving Easier and More Cost Effective


There has been a time which is ongoing under the sufferings of the COVID-19 and people have been suffering a lot.

Because of which they are in need of the stimulus act just to be getting some of the help and at this time, in this year CARES has been giving the tax benefits to the donors.

COVID-19 pandemic situation has been teaching all of us a big lesson which includes the sacrifice, sacrifice of our family members have also been seen in some families which has been the very bad impact, kindness and giving back has been taught by COVID-19 to all of us.


Basically what COVID-19 has taught us is how much health of ourselves is important to us and how big role health plays in our life just to make the life smooth.

We could also see that teachers have been sacrificing their life not thinking about their own safety at one time have been going to the schools in the classrooms also for teaching the children also in exams it has been seen that some teachers are taking of the classes off-line also just for the bed of future and exam results of the children though the chances of the corona has been very high. But still, everything has been managed by everyone.

In 2017 when the jobs act and tax cut that is TCGA has been passed then at that time taxpayers had to think again about the charitable giving. It became very difficult to clear the deductible thresholds for the taxpayers because it was too high to be cleared.

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But now a lot of change has been seen and a change in taxpayer strategies has also been seen that on the schedule 100% reduction has been seen that is of the adjusted gross income of the taxpayers which has been a significant opportunity for the donors and also to those charities who they used to be support.

You all are advised that you all can be charitable giving work for you in certain following steps which has been framed:

Maximum advantage can we taken from the rules of the CARES. Work on your IRE and also give stocks and bonds.

You can seek the qualified professional advice. Then coming on to the next you can bunch of donations also investigate doughnut advised  funds.e which can be very advantageous at one time also you can calculate the tangible and intangible impact of your whatever giving.

The above certified steps going to be very flexible and easy to manage and for your convenience want to how to make charitable giving work for you.


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