Nevada Man Who Claimed To Have Evidence Of Election Fraud Pleads Guilty To Voting Twice


On Tuesday, a Las Vegas man pled guilty to voting more than once in the same election, despite the Nevada Republican Party’s claims that he had proof of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Donald “Kirk” Hartle informed KLAS in November that someone had voted for his wife, Rosemarie Hartle, who died of breast cancer in 2017. “It made no sense to me,” he added, “but it lent some validity to what you’ve been hearing in the media about such potential, and now it makes me wonder how widespread this is?”

The Nevada Republican Party pounced, tweeting a video of the interview with the caption, “How did the counterfeit signature get past the signature verification system in Clark County? This isn’t the first time a deceased person has voted in Nevada.”

Kirk Hartle was charged by the Nevada secretary of state and attorney general’s offices, which investigate claims of voter fraud, of sending in his late wife’s ballot and voting twice in the election. Hartle chose to plead guilty in order to avoid prison time, and was sentenced to probation and a $2,000 fine on Tuesday.

“Ultimately, this appears to me to be a cheap political gimmick that backfired and demonstrates that our voting system truly works because you were caught,” Judge Carli Kierny said.

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford stated in a statement that “Despite its rarity, voter fraud has the potential to undermine public confidence in our electoral system.

This particular case of voter fraud was particularly egregious because the perpetrator, despite being the source of the fraud, continued to spread inaccurate information about our elections.” The Nevada GOP has not responded to KLAS’s requests for comment or deleted its tweet about Hartle’s false claims.

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