Donald “Kirk” Hartle was charged by the Nevada secretary of state and attorney general’s offices, which investigate allegations of voter fraud, of sending in his late wife’s ballot and voting twice in the election. Hartle chose to plead guilty to avoid serving prison and was sentenced to probation and a $2,000 fine on Tuesday. “Ultimately to me, this seems like a cheap political stunt that kind of backfired and shows that our voting system actually works because you were ultimately caught,” Judge Carli Kierny said.

Kirk Hartle claimed in November that his wife, Rosemarie Hartle, who died of breast cancer in 2017, had her ballot used in the election. the “It made no sense to me,” he said, “but it lent some credence to what you’ve been hearing in the media about these possibilities, and now it makes me wonder how pervasive this is?” In tweeting the video of the interview, the Nevada GOP remarked, “How did the forged signature pass Clark County’s signature verification machine? And this isn’t the only case of a deceased person voting in NV?”

“Have you started to think about the possibilities here?” David Charns asked Kirk Hartle last November. “If it was taken in the mail? If it was taken from your mailbox? Have you started to think about that?”

“I’ve wondered about how that could have happened,” he said.

“Do you have any speculation?” Charns asked. Hartle laughed and said, “I don’t.”

In a statement, Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford said that “though rare, voter fraud can undercut trust in our election system. This particular case of voter fraud was particularly egregious because the offender continually spread inaccurate information about our elections despite being the source of fraud himself.” The Nevada GOP has not deleted its tweet about Hartle’s false claims or responded to KLAS’s requests for comment.

State party leaders and representatives for former President Donald Trump’s campaign alleged two incidents of deceased people casting ballots during a press conference a week after the election. Hartle’s case was one of the examples given. The other does not appear to have been done on purpose.


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