Nearly Five Lakh Cases of Covid-19 in a Single Day for the United States


There has been a lot of latest updates which has been regarding the COVID-19 cases which are just occurring in a single day in a very high amount of numbers. For more updates and details refer the following news.

There has been a report which has been marked by the US: in that report there has been stated half 1 million of the new infections of the COVID-19 Karuna virus in just one single day, and that has been marking the latest daily total of any of the countries in this pandemic.

On the day of Thursday, The centers for disease control and prevention stated that a period of just 24 hours that is just one single day there has been even more than 4,86,000 new cases which were been reported in this short period.


There has been a record of large number of average daily infections which has been reported by the 15 states which are as follows: Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, Delaware, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, Washington, Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Rhode Island.

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So, there has been one report which has been added that with the rising of the cases of the COVID-19 Coronavirus which has been so quickly rising now has been fuelled up more rapidly and spreading four times faster just because of the new variant which has been added that is Omicron.

According to CDC data, it has been detected that there has been an estimation which has been made which says that every second there has been three and more than three Americans who are being tested and are coming positive tested for the virus.

Since Wednesday, in the New York City there has been cases which are up to 11%.


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