Near Union and Constitution, an ambulance was engaged in a collision.


The most freaking news has been freak out which is of The crash which has happened just after the 6 PM which has been mentioned by the police

The incident is Prem like on the day on Wednesday and ambulance was been involved this happened in the evening the crash was near the union Boulevard And also near Constitution Avenue

The ambulance was been transporting summoned to the hospital and it’s just not been happening that the another crash was actively took part which was very freaking it was around 6 PM in the evening on the day on Wednesday when the crash took place


There has been updates by the police that The damage has not been updated extent of damage and I ambulance part it is not yet updated still but the condition was like the injuries have been happened .

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The officials of the Colorado Springs police department has been confirming a lot of news uptodates .

We are still in bed to know the damage which has been taken place which is the most freaking part of any accident and crash.


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