National Guard members in Texas say they don’t want to get Vaccinated

American soldier getting vaccine shot during corona virus pandemic. Military vaccination and immunization.

Thousands of National Guard members of Texas have been refusing to take the dose of COVID-19 vaccines Texas officials reported on Tuesday.

This coming under the mandatory challenge passed, the Biden administration has ordered that all members of the military are required to get vaccinated.

Texas, currently has, the largest contingent of any state which is more than 20,000 National Guard members.


Out of them, about 40% of the army’s National Guard   are refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccination

The lawsuit filed by Texas attorney general Ken Paxton comes a week after a state judge rejected a similar challenge brought by the Oklahoma governor, amid growing Republican opposition to the mandate to protect members of the Security Forces.

 “For either religious accommodation needs or otherwise,”   which was stated according to the lawsuit that was filed in a federal court in East Texas.

It added that more than 200 airmen that are posted in the  Texas Guard are also refusing to get the vaccine.

Other challenges to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s decision to enforce policies on all members of the military play elsewhere.

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Another state judge in Texas issued the first order to stop the Navy from operating against 35 sailors for refusing on religious grounds to comply with the order, on Monday.


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