Nagy Is Chastised by Fields for a Lack of Team Discipline


For the team advantage, there has been made maximum hopes for somebody be around who gets into the help to Justin Fields and also gets into the use of his legs just for the team advantage.

The secret which was made has now no secret and that was, Chicago Bears head coach is Matt Nagy, Who we all know has an extremely sleep chance in any case and that is of coming back the next season.

The report has been coming that the root of the team‘s problems has been in the hands of just one man and that is Matt Negy, Who by everyone wants that him to be need to keep the players accountable and that lies in the hands of Matt in this case.


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The Chicago Bears have been in search of many things, by the record of by week and of 36 going.

On the side of defence the names have been: Khalil Mack, Eddie Jackson, Jalon Johnson, Robert Quinn, Roquan smith, The news of the most outstanding players.

Then the question which has been uplifted is that why there has been a lack of production and all the sides of the ball then the answer could start with that the most important thing is discipline and there has been lack of discipline which is pointing to the lack of accountability which lies in the hands of head coach, Matt Nagy.

The largest dark mark is over the beers and that has been off the lack of discipline. There has been an obvious part in the first half of Monday’s game that has been the lack of emotion and then comes the lack of Accountability and awareness by Matt Nagy.


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