Multiple Patients Being Treated by Berks Crews After a Car Accident


Keith Mayer: Berks Crews Will be in replying to the vehicle accident and also with multiple patients. For more updates and details about the time and day referred the following news.

On the day of thursday there has been updates that it was around evening time around 8:20 PM it was when the Crews were been called to North Heidelberg and Christmas Village Road in North Heidelberg Township and that has been for one single vehicle and was into a tree.

And in the accident the world around four people who are been injured and The report scheme that the roads had been closed.


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According to the emergency reports, there has been a statement that the vehicle was onto and embankment and there was a sudden need of the stabilisation also.

And when the happening of the accident was been informed and the scene was been created then your food ambulances were sent to the scene. And just because of the presence of the multiple patients which were been suffered by the injuries during the accident, just because of this there was been the need of sending of four ambulances Occurred.


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