More than 45,000 cases of coronavirus were reported in Los Angeles County on a single day


Los Angeles County sets another daily record of more than 45,000 coronavirus cases as health officers on Sunday reported further than people tested positive for the contagion. With an aggregate of new cases amid the ongoing swell in infections driven by the largely contagious omicron variant, according to numbers released Sunday by the county’s Department of Public Health. The department also reported 13 new deaths, bringing the total number of deaths in the county to since the launch of the epidemic. All in all, nearly 2 million people in the county have been infected with the contagion.

The streamlined figures from the county underlined again how the spread of the contagion has exploded with the appearance of the omicron variant. With nearly everyone being tested each day over the once seven days, further, than 20% of people are testing positive for the contagion, the county said.

The department also reported people rehabilitated with COVID-19 as of Friday. Experts have stressed that although caseloads are more advanced than during last downtime’s peak, whenL.A. County was recording about new cases a day, smaller people are now getting oppressively ill from the omicron variant.


“Our hearts remain with those families passing the anguish of losing those they love to COVID,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, L.A. County’s director of public health, in a statement Saturday. “ As the swell continues, we ask residents and businesses to continue following the public health safety measures that we know reduce the spread and keep people safe. 

This includes wearing a medical-grade mask that’s further defensive against the Omicron variant and not spending time around others who are unmasked. These upgraded masks can be a surgical mask or an N95 or KN95 respirator mask.”

That rise comes despite the fairly high rate of vaccinations among health care workers– showing the power of the omicron variant of the contagion to infect indeed vaccinated residents, although they’re less likely to come oppressively ill. The state is taking all health care workers in the state to admit a supporter cure of the vaccine by Feb. 1.

Those who don’t admit the supporter must be tested doubly daily.

” Keeping health care workers safe is critical to maintaining functionality across our health care installations when surges lead to staffing deaths and rising rates of hospitalizations,” Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Friday.

“Across multiple health care settings, our health care help have given their all and been completely vaccinated at high situations for numerous months. Every occupant can also do their part to cover our health care help and hospitals. Please get vaccinated or boosted as soon as possible if eligible. Vaccinated individuals are between 10 and 30 times less likely to need sanitarium care than those unvaccinated. We ask that you don’t go to the exigency room unless you need care for serious medical concern and please don’t call 911 unless you have a life-hanging exigency.”

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