More Asian Countries Slowly Reopen Their Borders and Welcome Vaccinated Traveler


With the noteworthy exception of China, Asian nations are learning to live with the coronavirus and gaining momentum in their vaccine efforts, and some are cautiously reopening their borders and inviting passengers.

Although the Asia-Pacific area initially lagged in vaccines, and several governments remained committed to some of the world’s most stringent restrictions for most of the year, immunization rates in the region have been coming up.

Despite the fact that several Asian countries vaccinated the bulk of their citizens months ago, they are only now reopening to foreign travel – just in time for the holiday season.

Singapore began easing its foreign travel requirements this month, following more than 20 months of stiff border restrictions. According to Our World in Data, the city-state has fully immunized approximately 92 percent of its people, the highest percentage in the world.

Singapore announced on Monday that it will begin allowing passengers from five additional nations, including India and Indonesia, back into the country later this month.

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On Monday, Singapore and South Korea also launched a reciprocal travel bubble. South Korean travel laws have been relaxed, first for Koreans and now for foreigners.

Despite the fact that new case numbers in South Korea have just hit an all-time high, the company intends to stick with its “live with Covid” policy. According to the authorities, the country has fully immunized 78 percent of its people.

According to a New York Times database, Vietnam, which has completely vaccinated 39 percent of its population, has seen a 46 percent spike in daily cases over the last two weeks. Beginning this month, overseas travelers will be permitted to visit tourist sites such as the resort island of Phu Quoc and the province of Quang Nam.

After 20 months of restrictions, India reopened its borders to most overseas tourists this week. Only 29 percent of the population has been completely vaccinated, and the country intends to establish travel bubbles with 99 countries.

Since October, Indonesia and Thailand have authorized travelers from specific nations. Indonesia has completely immunized 33% of its population, whereas Thailand has vaccinated 54%.

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