Mobile Sports Betting Will Soon Be Legal in New York State


There is some good news for sports enthusiasts.

Mobile sports betting will soon be legal, thanks to approval from the New York State Gaming Commission.

The commission approved the licensing of eight betting suppliers and nine operators.

Mobile sports betting is currently permitted in a dozen states, including neighboring states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

In New York, the ultimate tax rate for internet gambling will be set at 51%.

This means that casinos and gamblers will have to pay a bigger share of the additional tax income.

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Meanwhile, recognized providers’ licenses, such as FanDuel and Draft Kings, will be valid for at least ten years.

Sportsbooks have just recently been permitted in casinos across the state.

“Whether that’s a good thing or a terrible thing, we’ll see a lot more people going into gaming,” says John Wolohan, Professor of Athletic Laws at Syracuse University. “I believe that will change because instead of calling your local bookie, all I have to do now is pick up on my phone, go to my app, and say, ‘This is who I’m betting on.’ The issue, of course, is that bookmakers will accept your bets without your money. In contrast to casinos, you must put money up before you can place bets.”

We contacted del Lago Casino to inquire about how this would affect their business, but a spokesman declined to comment.

By the Super Bowl, fans should be able to put bets online.

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