Missing Harmony Montgomery: Dad accused of giving partially blind daughter black eye in 2019, other abuse

Authorities from New Hampshire have arrested the father of missing Harmony Montgomery in connection with a 2019 assault against the child.


Kevin Montgomery (Adam’s uncle) told the police that he observed Harmony with a black eye in the summer of 2019,

“He bashed her around the apartment, were his exact words, I might have it off a little bit, but that’s pretty much what he said.”


He (Kevin Montgomery) told the police that as he walked within the house, Harmony had a black eye, such as you see in a very match between two men, he was visiting the Manchester home and asked about the injury.


When he returned, the infant was crying, and Harmony was holding her hand across the baby’s mouth in an endeavor to quiet him, per what Adam, who had custody of the girl and later told his uncle.

According to the reports, Adam Montgomery allegedly struck his daughter across her face after directing her to observe an infant while he was within the bathroom. These were filed in Hillsborough County court North on Wednesday. Adam was arraigned at noon in Hillsborough County tribunal North Wednesday but did not appear in court after his arraignment and bail conditions were agreed to by lawyers.

He also told investigators, in step with court documents, he observed other types of abusive discipline, including Harmony being forced to square within the corner for hours and told to wash the bathroom along with her toothbrush.

Previously, Montgomery was sentenced to 18 months in prison after shooting a person within the head in Haverhill, Massachusetts. The Essex County District Attorney’s Office said Montgomery shot the victim while trying to rob him in 2014. He pleaded guilty to charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, larceny from an individual, carrying a gun without a license, and firing a gun within 500 feet of a building.






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