Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami, has Decided To Invest his 401k Savings in Bitcoin


The breaking news has been from the announcement of the long-standing mayor, Miami Francis Suarez.

He has been announcing his plans, and that plan has been of taking a part of his 401K payout, which is in BTC bitcoin.

And do you know the central part about soirées has been highlighting the success of bitcoin which has been tied in the confidence in the system presently?


And now, coming to the Miami residents who have been the invitation to the payments that the mere have been sharing, the city government accepts payment fees of a bitcoin, which has been from Miami’s residence.

On the other side, the mayor has been exploring options enormously to enable payments of bitcoin, which has been for the retirement savings.

To further drive the adoption drive of mummies bitcoin, there has been an announcement made by mayor Suarez, and that announcement was made in November, which is on 12 November.

The Above announcement has been made in respect to that he would be giving out the bitcoins, which is as the dividend that has been directed to every resident who has been eligible in Miami.

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In most of the interviews of Suarez has been highlighting, again and again, the bitcoin success and has been saying that now the system has very confidentially been grown up of a bitcoin.

Now the update has been getting from the report which says that the Miami city will soon be dividing and distributing itself the BTC to its people residents who have been earning in the house is taking cryptocurrency which we can also be saying as Miami coin.

Suarez has been stating updates from what we have got to know about his mind set up with says that just very instant you want to transform the city which will be transforming itself into the cryptocurrency hub.


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