Marine Crops Vet Made Bomb Threat at FBI Office Because He Thought Bureau Ignored His Hacking Story, Say Prosecutors


Prosecutors said Thursday that a Marine Corps veteran accused in a bomb hoax at the FBI’s Manhattan field office stated his motivation was to get the investigators to pay attention to his accusations that a foreign agency hacked him.

Checo Nunez, 33, of Queens, now faces federal charges in connection with the alleged fake, which stopped down Federal Plaza in downtown Manhattan on Wednesday as officials searched his truck.

Nunez entered 26 Federal Plaza on Wednesday afternoon and banged a copy of a written complaint he filed about his hacking worries against the security booth’s screen, according to federal officials.

According to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court, he claimed the hackers had a sexually graphic photo of his spouse and were attempting to extort him, and he believed the FBI was ignoring him.

The booth is manned by FBI uniformed security officers. According to the FBI, Nunez then informed the cops that he had a “IED,” or improvised explosive device, in his vehicle outside and that he wanted to turn himself in.

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The van was checked by authorities, but no explosive was discovered. Instead, they discovered a black-and-white Husky and two duffel bags, according to police sources.

According to the feds, police and federal officials also discovered numerous rounds of.223-caliber ammunition as well as written information on weapons of mass destruction and IED detection.

According to federal officials, Nunez served in the Marines as an engineer equipment operator and small weapons maintenance technician from 2006 until 2013.

He faces up to five years in federal prison if convicted of a single count of spreading false information and hoaxes.

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