Man Critically Wounded in Shooting Near Mag Mile


In Chicago a man had been critically wounded by a shooting in downtown of the Chicago on the day Friday.

According to the police, the shooting had taken place in the 0-100 block of the East Huron Street on the near north side. This happens around 7 p.m.

Police had been said that the shooting had involved people in about two vehicles. It is not clear till now that firing was from only one car or it was from both cars. They are still unsure about gunfire exchange of both cars.


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As per the sources, Police had been told that a person inside one of the cars was a 31-year-old man. That man was struck in the legs and back of the car.
A police spokesman had told this to the sources that the driver of the car and the man who was in dropped him off at Stroger Hospital in a very critical condition. The driver had fled away after this.

Also we got to know that, Police had said a person inside one of the cars was a 31-year-old man, who had been struck in the legs and back.

Officers are still looking for the video from nearby buildings and apartments to get more information in the investigation.

They want to solve this case as soon as possible without wasting a single minute. As because several neighbors had heard many gunshots and had told this to the sources that they had been heard multiple gunshots.

These gunshots can possibly be 10 or more than 10 too. Right now no one is in custody over this case. But soon criminals will be in jail for their crime. Police are still investigating over this case and giving their best to arrest these all criminals.

They are not going to let this case go away or shut down before they put criminals in their right place.


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