Maggot Infestation Permeates Bronx Building, One Week After Murder-Suicide


The bodies have been removed, but the maggot infestation has spread.

Maggots are still invading the houses of frightened neighbors more than a week after the decaying remains of domestic abuse victim Ashley Ducille and her abusive boyfriend were discovered in her Bronx apartment.

Luz Beriguete, who lives in the building below the victim’s fifth-floor apartment on Creston Ave. near E. 184th St. in Fordham Heights, stated, “My apartment is full with maggots.” “It’s spread to certain other apartments,” says the narrator. My son’s room is overflowing with them. They’re in the kitchen right now. I’m not a good cook. They’ve taken up the entire flat.”

The bodies had been decomposing for a week before they were discovered, according to authorities.

The maggots have made their way into Beriguete’s next-door neighbor, Lily Torres, 38, who has been battling the infestation with her four children and husband.

“It’s not from waste,” she said, “it’s from a human.” “It’s excessive.” When I saw it, I had a nervous breakdown.”

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In the five-story, 20-unit structure, the carrion-eating crawlies have also expanded to the third and first levels.

After Bariguete informed the landlord that maggots were dripping from the ceiling, the remains of Ducille, 29, and Kareem Kilpatrick, 40, were discovered Nov. 13. Cops were summoned to the flat above to do a wellness check.

Investigators suspect Ducille was shot in the chest by her violent boyfriend, 40-year-old Kareem Kilpatrick, who then shot himself in the head, according to police sources. The gun was discovered near his body.

Kilpatrick was accused on Sept. 22 with choking Ducille at the residence. Kilpatrick forced Ducille inside the apartment and kicked her in the face and chest, she told officers on Aug. 31. In July, there was at least a third domestic disturbance.

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