Madison and Chatham Officials Push for Rail Commuters in Infrastructure Bill

Officials meet to discuss rail commuters under infrastructure bill

Official Meeting Calls for Rail Commuters under Infrastructure Plan

On Friday, NJ-11 Rep. Mikie Sherrill and Madison Mayor Robert H. Conley met with local leaders, commuters, transportation, and environmental experts, and small business owners. Their ultimate aim was to discuss the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Rep. Sherrill underlined the infrastructure package’s economic benefits as well as the Gateway Tunnel Project’s finance.

The Following People Joined Rep. Sherrill:

  • Madison Mayor Robert H. Conley
  • Chatham Councilman Len Resto, President of the NJ Association of Railroad Passengers
  • Brian Dempsey, Chatham Commuter
  • Ezra Jennings, Madison Commuter
  • Trina Mallik, Madison resident, and environmental expert
  • Patricia Khawand, owner of Fleur de Sel, located near the Chatham Train Station
  • George Ubertaccio, owner of Hava G’day Cafe located in the Madison Train Station

According to Rep Sherril, the historic train station is in the heart of Madison. Therefore, it is the right setting to discuss the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

She then said, “Thousands of commuters and small businesses in the NJ-11 area may relate to the stories presented by today’s roundtable participants.”

“Because it is critical. From my first day in office, I’ve pushed so hard for the Gateway Tunnel and to bring this railroad infrastructure financing to New Jersey,” said Rep. Sherrill.

“Commutes in New Jersey have been wasteful, inefficient, and hazardous for far too long.”

He then added, “This bipartisan infrastructure proposal would generate employment and cut carbon emissions right here in New Jersey, benefiting NJ-11 households.”

“Since the 1850s, when transporting roses was by rail into New York City to be sold, Madison, dubbed ‘The Rose City,’ has been a commuter town.

“Commuting has only grown more important for citizens of Madison and the neighboring communities since then,” Mayor Conley stated.

“I commend Congresswoman Sherrill for her tireless efforts to ensure the passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. With the Northwest Corridor Modernization Grants and the Gateway Project, it will ease the existing commuting load.”

How Will the Infrastructure Bill Improve the Transportation System?

“The Infrastructure Bill will help my NJ-ARP membership by enabling Gateway to operate and grow capacity,” said NJ-ARP President Councilman Resto.

“It will pay for the replacement of low-level platforms with high-level platforms, providing ADA access and faster boarding, and shortening journeys.”

With the Lackawant to Cut-Off in Northwest New Jersey as one example, it will be able to electrify non-electrified lines and extend the transportation system.”

“I believed I’d discovered the ideal commute arrangement when we relocated to Chatham in 2001. “I could walk to the station in town, and then my office was only five minutes away from Penn Station,” said Brian Dempsey, a Chatham commuter for over two decades.”

“However, I learned the hard way that trains don’t always get you where you need to be on time. I stopped booking meetings in the morning. I had to cease coaching my children’s sports teams since I would often miss practice due to delayed train home.”

“Needless to say, I am overjoyed that the ground for a new Portal Bridge was broken only a few weeks ago, and that this measure will support the Gateway Tunnel Project.”

“Our Congresswoman has been a champion of having this tunnel completed since she first campaigned for office. She was unyielding in her quest for reforms, and she stayed laser-focused on ways to help her people.”

For Patricia Khawand, proprietor of Fleur de Sel near the Chatham Rail Station, the train commuter sector is crucial to growth and sustainability.

“Knowing that Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill is listening to our issues is heartening.”

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