Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Brings Holiday Magic Back to Streets of New York


The 95th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade saw tens of thousands of people march through Manhattan’s streets.

Because of the epidemic, the procession was drastically reduced last year, but it was resurrected in a spectacular manner on Thursday.

Natalie Duddridge of CBS2 met with folks who were attending for the first time, some who were celebrating their 50th, and those who were celebrating a birthday. Whatever the cause, they said the procession has a magical quality to it that puts them in the Christmas mood and, most importantly, makes them feel grateful.


The Upper West Side and Herald Square were filled with people to celebrate one of New York City’s greatest traditions.

“It’s incredible.” Yahaira Serrano, a first-timer, told Duddridge, “This was on my bucket list.” “The weather is beautiful, the enthusiasm is high, and the procession is thrilling.”

Another viewer remarked, “Just seeing all the floats soaring high in the sky and everything is just so fantastic.”

“We’ve been going to the parade every year since they were his size,” Michael Bader said.

The parade’s oldest and most renowned float, “Tom the Turkey,” led the charge. At 9 a.m., approximately 6,500 marchers gathered at 77th Street and Central Park West to begin a 2.5-mile journey that ended on 34th Street.

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Six new floats and four new balloons debuted this year. In total, 15 large character balloons and 36 inflatables were used.

“‘Chase’ is my fave,” one youngster stated.

“‘Pikachu,'” someone else said.

“‘Baby Yoda,'” said another.

Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda, was as tall as a three-story building and required the participation of about 100 people to fly.

“Ada,” a youthful cartoon scientist, made her appearance as well. There were also the classics, such as “Ronald McDonald,” the “Pillsbury Doughboy,” and “Snoopy,” which has featured in more parades than any other balloon.

“Snoopy has always been my man,” one individual stated. “She’s like a doll.” “I’d take him wherever with me.”

There were also 800 clowns, 28 floats, the Rockettes, musical performers, and the entire event culminated with Santa Claus, the show’s main attraction.

The focus is now on the turkey feast and, more significantly, expressing gratitude.

The cleaning began almost immediately as the march concluded. A hundred individuals swept the streets using 19 motorized brooms, 20 hand brooms, and 18 backpack blowers, with waste being taken away in 12 garbage trucks.

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