Las Vegas Man admits to voting fraud allegations after casting his dead wife’s ballot during the 2020 US election


Las Vegas business executive whose voter fraud claim was extensively used by state Republicans as proof of contaminated votes and rigged election has agreed to plead guilty to voting more than once in the same election.

Donald “Kirk” Hartle, 55, who was cited for violating coronavirus protocols, is also the chief financial officer of Ahern Rentals who is known to have hosted a rally for former President Donald Trump last September.

He has been charged with two felonies in a criminal complaint which alleged that he had used his dead wife’s ballot in the 2020 US election. Charges against him for voting more than once in the same election and voting using another person’s name arose after the investigation made by the Secretary of State’s Office regarding voter fraud allegation.

Kirk Hartle’s wife, Rosemarie Hartle, 52, died in 2017 from breast cancer, yet her name was still found to be under the active voter list prior to the 2020 US election. The records show that a ballot under her name was nonetheless issued last October 2020 and was received by the county upon submission with a signature that matched the voter data.

As Hartle pleaded guilty, his attorney, David Chesnoff informed the judge that State Attorney General Aaron Ford’s office agreed to reduce the two felony charges to a misdemeanor.

From Chesnoff’s office, Hartle appeared via videoconference to plead guilty to his then reduced charge of misdemeanor. He also told District Judge Carli Kierny that he regrets his actions and accepts full responsibility for their consequences.

“I’d like to thank the criminal investigators within our Securities Division for pursuing the evidence and investigating this case. I am pleased that the truth was uncovered,” said Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske.

Chesnoff called the plea deal fair and favorable to his client. According to the guilty plea agreement, the defendant shall serve a one-year term of probation while the adjudication is stayed. If he manages to avoid trouble during the said term, he may be allowed to withdraw his previous plea and enter a new plea of guilt to the charge of conspiracy to commit voting more than once at the same election. He shall be then required to pay a $2,000 fine.

At present, the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office and Nevada Attorney General’s Criminal Prosecutions Division are focusing on the investigation and prosecution of Hartle who is currently the only person facing voter fraud charges in Nevada.


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