Kyle Rittenhouse Tells Tucker Carlson: ‘This Case Has Nothing To Do With race’


Kyle Rittenhouse told Reporters that it was about the right to self-defense, and that he backed the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Jurors found the 18-year-old not guilty of murdering two men and wounded a third with a military weapon after believing his assertions that he was in danger.

His acquittal split the United States. To some, he was a patriot, while to others, he was a vigilante.

Although Mr Rittenhouse is white, as are the three individuals he shot, much of the US media coverage of the case focused on race.

“No black teenager would be treated like Rittenhouse if he killed two people and left one gravely injured, regardless of what the law says about self-defense. He’d be no longer alive “In the Washington Post, Eddie S. Glaude Jr wrote.

The judgement, according to CNN pundit Van Jones, sends a message to black residents that “there are two Americas.”

Mr. Rittenhouse told Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News that his case “has nothing to do with race.”

He said, ” “I’m not a racist in the least. I am a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. I am in favor of peaceful protests. Change, in my opinion, is required.”

The arsonists who burned down shops in Kenosha during last year’s riots, according to Mr Rittenhouse, were “opportunists taking advantage of the BLM movement.”

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“There really is a lot of prosecutorial wrongdoing, not just in my case but in other situations,” Mr Rittenhouse added.

It’s incredible how much a prosecutor can take advantage of a defendant.”

Mr Rittenhouse, armed with an AR-15 rifle, shot dead Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and injured Gaige Grosskreutz, 27, saying that he fired in self-defense.

He had been charged with five counts, one of which was deliberate homicide.

Last year, two nights before he arrived in Kenosha, claiming he wanted to assist defend businesses from riots, police shot and paralyzed an armed black man named Jacob Blake.

During this year’s presidential campaign, US Vice President Joe Biden tweeted a video that seemed to link Mr Rittenhouse to white nationalists without providing any proof.

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