Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson are two of the most likely players to be traded in the NFL in 2022. Among the Top 10 Big Names Who Might Be Dealt


Do you all know everyone sight and eyes are all upon the NFL Pictures of play-off as in the year 2021 The regular season when winds down.

As of now if we look towards the 2022 off season we would realize if not even we admit in a private space that a handful of teams are already looking forward to the 2022 off season.

With this taking in mind there have been an only look at big 10 names which could very well be found themselves in the year 2022 on the trade market. In the following list we will be including all these 10 names with two or three lines for them


And the first one comes to be Aaron Rodgers and for him there has been said some words that to include him is a necessity.

And then the second comes is Russell Wilson it has been said foreign that he’s just 33 till now and Yasmin planning to play another decade also

The third one is Kirk cousins it has been sad for him that he had never been fully bottomed out which is also never been fully bloomed too.

The fourth one is Derek carr and it has been said that he deserves a blunder huge credit and which is for getting it out that is with the raiders. Also Car could have a lot of football left at 30 but there is still a feeling left in Vegas about a lot of key pieces short of a real run.

The fifth one is Jimmy for him it is said that 49ers has been unofficially broadcasting out there wants and desires to deal Garoppolo.

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The sixth one is Baker Mayfield. This has been said that with taking around food your sample size bigger has been looking serviceable like more than anything which could have been come out and which could have been to justify just a more season of audition.

The seventh Saquon Barkley did you all know that in 2022 years he will be only 25 and in this age the person has been marked as fully healthy person who remains the most imposing play markers at his own position which he is on. And the most important part that he plays most replaceable roles and that is so in the NFL.

The eight his brandIn Cook’s and the ninth one is Marcus Peters and the 10th one is James Bradberry.


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