Will the King of Jo’burg Season 2 Be Released in 2021?

King of Jo'burg Season 2

If you are a King of Jo’burg fan and want some glimpses of South African culture and its entertainment, your search is over. The king of Jo’Burg is here.

King of Jo’burg is a creation of Shona Ferguson. under the production of Netflix originals.

The first season of King of Jo’burg debuted on December 04, 2020, and the first season of King of Jo’burg contains six episodes with 45-49 minutes of screen timings.

Plot: What is the plotline of King of Jo’burg Season 2?

King of Jo'burg Season 2

The family crime-drama King of Jo’burg tries to tell us the complex story of two brothers who have different targets for their lives after their younger brother gets out of prison. It also contains some black magic like body shifting etc.

On the day when ‘Mo” is released from prison, his elder brother is executing a complicated bank robbery. Simon is the boss of the kings of the Jo’burg gang and knows how much his younger brother has sacrificed for them. But right now he is more concerned about the robbery. He uses a mystical way to bypass the thermal sensors, and take the precious jewels.

During Simon and Mo’s angry reunion, detective Jazmine Guemes (Tsholofelo Matshaba) comes and arrests Mo for the robbery.

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now before giving any spoilers for season 2, I insist you watch season 1 yourself.

Release Date: When Can We Watch King of Jo’burg Season 2?

The most anticipated web show of African origin is finally around the corner. Netflix’s original series King of Jo’burg season 2 will hit the screen on Dec 03, 2021.

Cast: What Are the Names of the Characters Involved in King of Jo’burg Season 2?


  1. Shona Ferguson plays the role of Simon ‘Vader’ Masire( He is the leader of the underworld organization called kings)
  2. Zoysia Xaluva plays the role of Mogomotsi ‘Mo’ Masire( He is one of the younger brothers of Simon)
  3. Sello Sebotsane plays the role of Stan Mazibuko
  4. Buhle Samuels plays the role of Angela Masire
  5. Tk Sebothoma plays the role of Tlotlo Masire. (he brought up by Simon. child of Mogomotsi)
  6. Nneka Tsajwa plays the role of Sting.
  7. Connie Ferguson plays the role of Masire Mermaid( She is the one who provides Simon all the supernatural powers)
  8. Tsholofelo Matshaba plays the role of Jazmine Gumede.
  9. Cindy Mahlangu plays the role of Phumzi( She is an undercover agent trying to catch Mogomotsi)
  10. Edmund Ngema plays the role of Ayanda.
  11. Abdul Khoza plays the role of Lester.
  12. Theme Seete plays the role of Keneilwe Masire ( She is the sister of Simon and involves in the activities of the underworld)
  13. Lunathi Mampofu plays the role of Zaza ( She is seeking revenge on Simon and Mogomotsi’s sister)
  14. Ntokozo Majozi plays the role of Thuso ( he is the best friend of Ttlotlo.)

Platforms: Where Can We Watch All King of Jo’burg Season 2?

King of Jo'burg Season 2

The family crime drama is waiting to bewilder you with its

nerve-wrenching violence and beautiful direction. King of Jo’burg is one of the grossing web shows in South Africa.

You can watch all the seasons of King of Jo’burg season 2 exclusively on Netflix.

You can also catch similar genre series on these

over-the-top platforms.

Ratings: What Are the Ratings of King of Jo’burg Season 2?

King of Jo’burg season 1 received wide critique acclaim from every corner of the world. The family crime genre with twists and full of crime in the city keeps you engaged in the episodes.

King of Jo’burg season 1 has 5.4/10 ratings on IMDb.   


King of Jo’burg season 1 is the original show of Netflix that is a big success in South Africa and other parts of the world.

In the first season of King of Jo’burg, we witness the all-new experience of emotions, crime, and news stories.

Season 1 has already hit on the OTT platforms. Season 2 is just around the corner, you can watch the show and comment on your favourite fighting scene.

My suggestion is, only stream it because we understand. If Shona and Connie scaled down their ambitions a bit, a better show would have been the result.


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