Kenneth Nixon, A Leading Detroit Car Accident Lawyer, Has Been Invited To Open Mike’s Office


Kenneth Nixon, who was falsely convicted of firebombing, was featured on the most recent edition of Open Mike. According to the top Detroit automobile accident lawyers, the conviction exposed the criminal justice system’s dark side. In 2005, Mr. Nixon and his girlfriend were both charged with murder, arson, and four counts of attempted murder in the firebombing that killed two children. Kenneth was just 18 years old when he was sentenced to two life terms, but his girlfriend was found not guilty. Mr. Nixon, on the other hand, was not exonerated of all charges until 2021.

Mike Morse, a top Detroit vehicle accident lawyer, has seen numerous unjust convictions over the years, many of which have been luckily reversed.

Victims, on the other hand, frequently spent years, if not decades, in jail before being released. Wrongfully convicted people’s lives are ruined, and they must then strive to make meaning of their life after being cleared and released.


Mike Morse’s interview with Mr. Nixon is a wake-up call for those in Detroit who believe the judicial system works. Many things go wrong in the real world. That is why, whether it is a vehicle accident or a workplace accident, hiring the finest lawyer money can buy is always a smart idea. It can imply that, in the event of an accident, victims receive just recompense for their suffering.

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Mike Morse Law Firm was established in 1995 and has expanded to 150 staff who have helped over 25000 customers since then. Truck, vehicle, and motorcycle accident victims are among the firm’s clientele. Mike Morse is also the presenter of the monthly Open Mike podcast and the author of Amazon’s best-selling FIREPROOF.

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“Every day, as Detroit automobile accident lawyers, we deal with a large number of accident victims. These victims are frequently denied justice in the form of proper remuneration. They are also persuaded to feel that what they are receiving is more than adequate compensation for their pain and suffering. They join us, though, since they know we can assist them.” According to one of Mike Morse Injury Law Firm’s attorneys.

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