JCCEO employees not paid on payday


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Service providers must be paid. It’s what’s annoying employees that work for
Jefferson County Committee for Economic Development. Employees were very frustrated after putting in
two weeks worth work and still haven’t received their pay check.
JCCEO employees surmise that ever since Sharon Myles, executive director of JCCEO was fired on
November 1st

by the organization’s Board of Directors, the organization go down the hill.

Myles was hired in November 2019, who had been the director of operations at the Clayton County
Services Authority in Forest Park.
An employee from JCCEO said, “I have checked today and no money deposited from JCCEO. I have
things that need to be paid and we don’t know when I will get my money. Right now I couldn’t find a
way to make ends meet for my family as far as Thanksgiving.”
On November 19th

, Brenda Sangallo’s, interim executive director sent an email saying, “no payroll
deposits have been made but JCCEO is working to complete the process as expeditiously as we can. Please
note, everyone will be paid.”
And, after a couple of hours employees received another email saying, “payroll has been processed for
November 19th

. I am working with ADP to see if the deposits can processed as soon as possible. I will

send out another email as soon as I have more information.”
Despite of assurance received from the organization, some of the employees assume that they won’t get
paid until November 29th


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