Jayson Tatum Makes a Major Announcement


Jayson Tatum stated that he has a trademark sneaker coming out during an appearance on the Knuckleheads Podcast with Quentin Richardson and fellow St. Louis native Darius Miles, which was filmed in the offseason but aired this week.

Tatum was unable to specify a release date for his trademark sneakers, but he did indicate they are “on the way.”

The two-time All-Star and 2019-20 All-NBA selection joined with Jordan Brand in 2019 and has since worn Air Jordans with bespoke themes ranging from the Zoo to commemorate his son Deuce’s passion of animals to an Air Jordan 35 inspired by his mother that honors women in power. Tatum also wears a pair inspired by one of his favorite cuisines, tacos, on occasion.


Tatum went on to add he couldn’t have been happier when Brown, whose ability as a shooter and ball-handler were questioned when he first entered the NBA, was named to his first All-Star team last season.

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Tatum also spoke of himself and Brown, the current pillars of the Boston Celtics franchise: “People talked about all the moves that other teams did and what we were going to do, especially as the season approached. I guess you know I and him take the same attitude; like I’m getting better and he’s getting better. It’s not like we’re going to stay the same. We’re two of the league’s most hungry players. We’re still working hard to get there.”

When questioned about first-year head coach Ime Udoka, with whom Miles and Richardson both played, Tatum said: “I have a lot of respect for him. I’m delighted, especially since when an assistant coach gets their first head coaching position, they’re hungry… He phoned and FaceTimed with me all the time. He provides me stats, for example. I can see he’s eager, and as a player, that’s what you want, someone who’s excited and ready for the season…I’m happy for the fresh beginning.”

Tatum also talked about having numerous 50-point performances last season, including one in the play-in tournament against the Washington Wizards and another in the playoffs against the Brooklyn Nets, as well as hitting 60 points in a win against the San Antonio Spurs.

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