Jan. 6 organizers used anonymous ‘burner phones’: Reports


Some organizers of Jan. 6 rally that took place on the White House have reportedly used burner phones for communications with former President Trump’s team.

The burner phones are used because they are difficult to trace.

They are cheap, prepaid cells and are meant for temporary usage. Most significantly, one can buy it without an account. It becomes more difficult trace if cash is used to purchase burner phones.

The phones were used to have ‘high level’ communications with the team, media reports said.

According to the version of sources who were part of the event, Kylie Kremer, a key official in the “March for Trump” group directed an aide to pick up three burner phones days before Jan. 6.

The sources said Kremer told the people who bought the phones to use cash for the purchase.

They claimed that Kremer himself took one of the phones and communicated with top White House and Trump campaign officials, including Eric Trump, Lara Trump, etc.

Another phone was given to Amy Kremer, Kylie Kremer’s mother and another key rally organizer, the sources claimed. They however didn’t know who used the third phone.

It would be difficult for the congressional investigators to trace evidence related to burner phones.

Meanwhile, the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection issued five new subpoenas targeting right-wing extremist groups that were involved in the attack.

The subpoenas went to the Proud Boys and its leader Enrique Tarrio, the Oath Keepers and its leader Stewart Rhodes. Dozens of members of both groups have been charged in the attack on the US Capitol. The prosecutors have said they conspired ahead of time to disrupt the Electoral College proceedings.

That tour culminated on January 6, with the large “Save America” rally on the White House Ellipse. The Kremers also lead an organization called “Women for America First,” which obtained the permit for the Ellipse rally.


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