‘The First Wave’ was “terrifying.” For the Love of Documentaries, Director Matthew Heineman on Filming the Covid Outbreak in New York


Did you just have been updated about the 1.1 million cases of Covid which has been recorded in the New York City according to the updates this figure has been recorded since the pandemic has been begun which is almost 2 years have been since this 1.1 million cases have came out.

And the disease has been claiming around 35 to 40,000 lives in New York City alone which is so disastrous

It was terrifying exactly this line has to be said as said by Heineman I said in the early days of pandemic which started at that time in the city.


And according to the pets we still do not know the complete report A news about the pandemic and the disease we know so little but the figure and the spread of the disease has been so much since the pandemic that it has been destroying million life.

It has been updated that it is very important for us that we should develop the safety protocols.

We need to do it which is based on the limited knowledge we had at this time we have very less knowledge but basically just even mimicking what doctors are doing and would nurses are doing the hospitals wearing mask taking the precautions this is also very much for us if we follow it.

With Covid and in the beginning of course we were at such a big loss it has been observed that The filmmakers have been capturing the moments the powerful moments as when the patients have been cleansing to live.

And have been dying for just a single breath of theirs and their family‘s condition was so critical everything has been captured by filmmakers and the danger of spreading Covid.

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It was so dangerous and was so mind depressing and the hospitalization of the loved ones have been making people depressed.

Heinemann has been getting so much numerous awards and also Oscar nomination for his film which was previous including the Carter land which was the documentary which took country of Mexico.


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