Is a fourth stimulus payment possible after the Omicron increases?

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While the previous waves of the virus all lead to a new round of stimulus payments,  this variant omicron does not seem to be bringing another round.

 The main reason behind this is that many families are experiencing the effects of historic inflation and many home-based economic support programs are out of date.

People who have not been benefitted from federal pandemic unemployment programs still have a chance of receiving a check with their 2022 tax return.


In addition, the final payment of the child tax bill was submitted on December 15, and as Congress has not yet passed the Build Back Better (BBB) ​​bill, families will likely not receive the payment in January.

To date, the President has used only executive authority to extend the suspension of student loans until 1 May.

Representative Jaamal Bowman (D-NY) made public statements saying he hoped to get another bill that would be given out by  Congress.

New York has been hit hard by Omicron, and he hopes some of the organization’s money can be sent to small businesses and families.

Some members of the Progressive Caucus continued to demand a BBB bill that would increase child tax debt, make child care more accessible, and increase access to health care.

 Earlier this week negotiations on the bill failed after Senator Joe Manchin rejected a proposal by the White House.

Without the Manchin vote, the bill has no chance of becoming law.


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In response to this scant benefit landscape, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden said he is worried about “many vulnerable Americans” especially those “with young children […] falling between the cracks.” Sen. Wyden also noted that that “January looks like a tough month with respect to omicron.”


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