IRS Notifies Recipients of Stimulus Funds and Child Tax Credits via Letters


So, talking about the Americans who have received the stimulus checks of the third round or have received an advanced child tax credit payment, should be on the track for getting the two important letters from the IRS that is internal revenue services.

There has been a statement made by IRS: in December the IRS begin issuing the letters on the payments of CTC and it will be continued through the first part of the new year 2022 and while the letters on these payments of seamless tax will be delivered to the people, by the end of January 2022.

So those people who are low and middle-income families and parents who are eligible for getting the payment receive 3000 for every child who has aged between 6to 17.
And those eligible families who have children under the age of six years are getting an amount of 3600 and this has been under the CTC rule.


All the payments which have been received by people and income-based have begun to phase out for every person earning exceeding dollar 75,000 and then coming to married couples who are earning more than Amount dollar 150000.

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Those families can also receive the payment that isn’t too much for qualifying for the tax credits and still they can receive the dollar 2000 credit for their kids but then come level should be below dollar 200,000 for individuals and for married couples the income level should be below dollars 400,000.

And also there has been said no limit on the number of children per family who can receive the credit amount.


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