Indians In The US Can Now Refinance Their Student Loans


MPOWER Financing, a quest fintech company and the top supplier of education loans to high-potential foreign students, has introduced an international student loan refinancing program (‘Refi’) for Indian graduates working in the US.

MPOWER’s introduction of this initiative ensures that promising graduates from all over the world may start their new jobs on a solid financial basis by refinancing up to $100,000 (about Rs75 lakh) in college loans from Indian financial institutions. Qualified candidates can significantly lower their interest rates whereas building their credit history in the United States, in addition to releasing cosigner and collateral obligations.

“Our goal is to empowering students who studying in the United States by allowing them to refinance their education loans in a simple and straightforward manner,” stated Ashwini Kumar, General Manager of MPOWER’s India Office. “Not only would this lower their interest rate, but it will also relieve them of their cosigner and collateral duties. Any student’s mental strain will be greatly reduced if they are able to free up their family’s finances.” “MPOWER also assists candidates in establishing a credit history in the United States and obtaining different tax incentives provided by the US government. MPOWER aspires to give a hassle-free and smooth experience to our students with the greatest interest rates through our refinancing program as a mission-driven enterprise.”

Aniket Sinha, a recent MPOWER refi customer, stated, “Having the flexibility to restructure my Indian student loan through MPOWER has been such a relief.” “I’ve had a terrific work in my chosen profession of computer science since graduating from the University of Florida.

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However, I was still concerned about my loan payment, as well as the fact that the debt was still owed to my parents. Not only am I saving thousands of dollars every year MPOWER, but I also have piece of mind knowing that my parents are no longer pressured as co-signers as they approach retirement.”

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