In November, a record 4.5 million people left their employment as part of the “Great Resignation.” What does this imply for Biden?


A whopping number of 4.5 million Americans resigned from their workplaces, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This nearly record-breaking number brings the quit rate to a staggering high of 3% which matches that of last September. Most of the workers who willingly left their jobs came from the hospitality industry, at 6.% percent in November alone. To follow suit, are those from the health care, transportation, warehousing, and utility industry. Nick Bunker, research director at the Indeed Hiring Lab, commented that the main culprit for this unprecedented high rate of resignation is the low-wage sectors being adversely affected by the pandemic.

Another factor to consider is that workers can now easily find a better job. This begs the question of whether these historic rates will continue to grow for 2022.


To make matters worse, even with that all-time high record, the data failed to account for the onset of the Omicron variant in the US. Undoubtedly, infection rates are much higher and more workers are put at risk to contract the virus at their workplaces.

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To demonstrate their point, the UCLA Labor Center reported that nearly a quarter of fast-food workers in LA have contracted the virus in just the last 18 months. Even less than half have been duly notified by their respective employers of their potential exposure to COVID. Including layoffs and discharges, the number of total separations was 6.3 million in November.

Including layoffs and discharges, there were 6.3 million separations in November only. Hotels and restaurants were the biggest-hit industries in terms of separation. They also had the biggest decline in open jobs.

On the other hand, positions in finance, insurance, and the federal government grew in number. The USA had 10.6 million job vacancies as of last November which did not quite reach the highest peak of 11 million last July.

Heidi Shierholz, the chief economist at the Economic Policy Institute, tweeted that people are merely quitting their current jobs and looking for other opportunities, and are still part of the workforce.


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