In Lancaster, Two People Were Killed in a Car Accident on Broadway.


Two-car collision had been occurred before 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning in the 6100 block of Broadway in the Town of Lancaster which claimed the lives of two people, this is according to Lancaster police.

According to the lancaster police department accident investigators had a vehicle driven by Gerald Caci of Lancaster who crossed the median and crashed into another vehicle which was driven by Karen Loos of East Aurora.

Both the drivers, whose ages were not provided by the Lancaster police, were pronounced dead at the scene immediately.


The accident remains under investigation right now in the surveillance of the police.

Police are asking anyone and everyone who may have witnessed the accident to contact Officer Shaun Dimino, who is the head of the Lancaster Police Department’s Accident Investigations Unit, at 716-683-2800, ext. 123.

Two people have been killed by following a major head-on crash in the famous town of Lancaster. The fatal accident had happened on the Broadway, between Schwartz & Pavement Roads on Tuesday afternoon, on December 7th.

Authorities had said that Gerald Caci allegedly crossed into the oncoming lane which had collided head-on with another several vehicle.

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The impact of the crash had resulted in major front-end damage to the both vehicles.

Emergency crews had been arrived at the scene where they had pronounced both Caci and the driver of the other vehicle, Karen Loos, who had been deceased. Few other details have been released soon.

The events that led to the collision is still under investigation.

We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the families of Gerald Caci and Karen Loos who are at this time. Our thoughts are with everyone who had been affected by the tragedy.

We understand that there is absolutely nothing more devastating than the unexpected loss of their family member, especially if the accident that took their life could have been avoided in any other way possible.


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