In Crawford County, a Man Was Killed in a Single Vehicle Accident


There has been latest updates regarding an accident which has been happened of a single car and which Has happened on lower Hartley Bridge road. For more updates and details refer the following news.

On the day of Monday and in the morning time, The accident has been taking place in the Crawford County.

Crawford County: it has been investigated when the single car accident has been taking place in the morning time at this place, a man has been found dead in this accident.


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It was the morning time around 11:15 AM and there has been a news release, according to which the sheriff’s office was been called that was about an auto accident which had a lot of bad injuries and has happened on the lower hardly Bridge Road on Monday.

So according to the report, it has been stated that the mattox Who is been driving westbound on the road, lower hardly breeze Road which is between the Marshall Mill Road and McGregor circle. This was the only point between these two Road where he had been eventually losing his control of the car and the result which had happened because of lost of control was that he overturned several times and due to which the accident place.

Driver was of 1996 Ford explorer, Who is named as Russell Stephen right of the Crawford County and after the investigation it has been found that he has been found dead at the scene after the accident.


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