If The Bucs Keep Playing, We’ll Find Out Who They Are – Brown, Antonio


Antonio Brown has shown to be untrustworthy. This is unfortunate, but not unexpected.

Whether you’re counting years, miles, or disappointments, he’s left a path of indiscretions and confrontations that stretches the duration of his NFL career. The league’s three-game penalty for lying about his immunization status on Thursday is just the latest proof.

Today, the greater question is whether we can still trust the Buccaneers.


They realized they were taking on the burden of Brown’s character when they opted to sleep with him. And now that he’s disgraced the company that risked everything to give him another shot, there’s no way they can retain him on the roster.

That is, unless winning is more important than honesty.

With Brown in the huddle, the Bucs are unquestionably a superior team. Even at 33 years old and with all of his off-field issues, he is still a cut above the ordinary NFL receiver. If Brown is still there in January, the Bucs have a greater chance of winning back-to-back Super Bowls.

However, if the Buccaneers want us to think that honor is important, they must end their connection.

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Last year, head coach Bruce Arians foresaw this situation seven months before the Bucs snatched Brown from NFL limbo. In the spring of 2020, Arians was questioned about Brown on ESPN reporter Adam Schefter’s podcast, and he made it obvious that he had no interest in taking on the receiver’s enormous luggage.

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding,” Arians stated. “Too much… diva,” says the narrator.

Despite this, a combination of receiver injuries and quarterback Tom Brady’s pleading prompted Arians, general manager Jason Licht, and the Glazer family to sign Brown in the middle of the season.

Despite accusations that he had broken a security camera, shouted out a property manager, and thrown a bike at a security gate in his south Florida neighborhood just days before signing with the Bucs, the organization insisted he had changed. The Bucs promptly re-signed him after he resolved a civil action filed by a former trainer accusing him of sexually abusing her in the spring.

Brown has always acted as though the rules were irrelevant to him. What are the team rules? What are the NFL’s standards? What are societal norms? It didn’t make a difference. Brown thought his abilities made him a diva, as Arians predicted.

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