Icy Conditions On I-94 Cause Crashes and Vehicle Runoffs in Wisconsin


Cold street conditions have caused vehicle accidents and spillovers on Interstate 94 in west-focal Wisconsin on Thursday morning, and one bunch of episodes shut a significant length of the roadway for quite a long time, police said.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, some 40 cars, including semi trucks, were involved in collisions on the highway Thursday morning.

I-94 was shut in the two ways for an about 25-mile stretch from the Oseeo region to the Black River Falls region for quite a long time in light of a bunch of wrecks “including various semi-heavy transports and traveler vehicles,” the Wisconsin State Patrol said.


The underlying accident there – – a farm truck rear that chose a medium and was ablaze with two traveler vehicles under – – occurred around 5:45 a.m., the state transportation office said.

“A few auxiliary crashes and run-offs happened in the overall area,” the office said.

No passings have been accounted for, and keeping in mind that certain individuals were taken to medical clinics, wounds were minor, state watch Lt. Tim Weiberg said.

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Freezing precipitation had caused frigid conditions along I-94 from Menomonie to Black River Falls, and crashes and run-offs occurred accordingly, the transportation office said.

Mike Olsen, who was travelling on I-94 near Osseo and shot footage of an accident site there, told CNN that the streets were “super-cold.”

Olsen’s video showed heavy transports in a middle and a huge fire on the parkway.

The transportation division said it expected paths in the two ways would resume Thursday evening.

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