Husic: Scott Morrison ‘playing politics’ by criticising Queensland vaccine laws


Scott Morrison is trying to “scoop up” the vote of those on the “extreme fringes” by advocating for the
rights of the unvaccinated, says Labor MP Ed Husic.
The Queensland Prime Minister last week announced that from December 17 there will be restrictions for
unvaccinated people. As per the new rules, only vaccinated people could attend pubs, clubs, cafes,
restaurants, cinemas, theatres, music festivals and stadiums, where all the staff should have their two
vaccine doses completed.
On Thursday, the prime minister took the Queensland government to tasking, saying residents in the state
should be allowed to “get a cup of coffee in Brisbane regardless of whether you’ve had a vaccine or not”.
The statement promted outrage Deputy Premier Steven Miles, countering: “We want people in Brisbane
to get a coffee too; we just don’t want them to get Covid while they’re doing it”.
Mr Husic told Sky News Australia, Mr Morrison was attempting to “play politics”, labelling the
comments a “disgrace”.
“I do find it weird that Scott Morrison is running this line now about the rights of the unvaccinated
people,” he said.
“If you had heard Scott Morrison express that line then when the race was well and truly on to get people
vaccinated, you’d wonder what was going on.
“Why’s Scott Morrison now going against everything that he’s said over the last few months, and the only
thing I can think of is that he’s playing politics.
“He wants to scoop up some votes out of the extreme fringes; the groups that are whipping up all of this
terrible behavior that you’re seeing in Melbourne and trying to get political advantage out of it.
“It’s a disgrace as a national leader that you would engage in that.”


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