How To Claim The Extra $285 Stimulus Check Money In Maine


Before the new year, a $285 stimulus cheque will be mailed to Maine’s 524,754 workers. Our staff investigated ways to obtain yours.

Maine’s state government will send a stimulus cheque to roughly half a million residents in the coming weeks.

Governor Janet Mills made headlines earlier this month after a bipartisan bill allowing for a $285 check was passed.

“As we try to properly restore our economy,” Gov. Mill believes the direct payment would “assist Maine households to some degree throughout the holiday season.”

To be eligible for the cheque, a person must have worked in 2020 and filed a tax return. The money, according to the governor, is a form of hazard payment that appears to aid “the tireless men and women who kept our state functioning through the epidemic deserve our thanks.” People who are listed as dependents on a tax return are also ineligible for a settlement.

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The tax return will be used to evaluate eligibility based on income. Heads of Household or single tax filers with an annual gross income of $75,000 or less, or married couples filing jointly with an annual gross income of $150,000 or less, will get a check in the following six weeks.

The first batch of cheques was mailed on November 15, and the state has stated that it would issue six more in the coming weeks.

The final checks are likely to arrive before the end of the year. All allocation will be handled by mailing paper checks to individuals who are qualified.

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