How long will we have to wait for the fourth Stimulus Check in a period when 500k cases are arriving every day?


There have been recent updates which are regarding the issuing of IRS, and that is for the payments in the third round of direct stimulus and regarding the push for a fourth stimulus check. For more updates and details refer to the following news.

In the third round of IRS Direct stimulus aid, there has been a statement from the IRS that there are usually more than 169 million payments and also checks which are around dollar 1400, which has been reaching mostly American Households.

The Federal response, which is to the economic crisis has been caused just because of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic situation which has been paying out payment to the eligible adults which is around dollar 3200.


And payment of around dollar 1200 is been given under the coronavirus aid relief and with this economic security act in March in the year 2020. and then the amount dollar 600 in December for the relief measure.

Mr. Job added has been signing a plan in March which was named as an American rescue plan. According to this plan, there has been given Americans the amount dollar 1400 under this plan. And this amount is given to all those adults who have been eligible.

There have been millions of Americans who are still in financial distress. The fact cannot be ignored that they have got the financial assistance and also financial help but still because of the spread of the new variant which has been creating new economic headwinds and making people struggle.

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According to the census survey the new data: It has been found which says that: It has been found that there has been even more than one-quarter of the Americans who has been struggling for paying off the household expenses also the last week.

Just because all these unemployment rates and some cases pressure and even the financial position is been pushing for the fourth stimulus check.


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