‘As Long as You Don’t Murder That Individual, You May Do It Every Day,’ Says a Homeless Guy Accused of Random Upper West Side Assaults.


The freaking news! About a man who is homeless and has been arrested for the broad daylight sidewalk attacks which he did on his wife and there was also another woman who is hindering free instead she was to be in jail.

The husband has stated that it was a very deep cut and he has also been added that his wife is in a very critical situations and will definitely will be needed a plastic surgery.

They were not sure they stated about the presence of weapon. They said that they are not sure that if you had or was carrying a weapon or not. But it was a very deep major cut.


This man has been age of 28-year-old who has been committed against attacking the two women on the morning of a Thursday near 79th and Broadway.

During the time and situation police also identified a man and they identified him to be Darrell Johnson. Police made sure that they believe that he is the one who is homeless and he was charged with assault of both the incident which happened this has been stated by NYPD.

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This incident happened when the woman was making her way across the Broadway and on the north side of the 79th.

The criminal just not who is attempted for One charge but there were some additional assaults charges to which included attempted assault in harassment charges which was still left for him to bear up.

Now, the update says that Johnson has been arrested for the harassment and for the assault.

And the most good and Justice part was that the bail was not provided and the reason of this was that the charges which were on him was so keen that the bail requirements were not been meeting up with the charges and the bill was not been provided for the assholes and the charges which has been on the main Johnson.

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Under the new laws which were made the bill requirements didn’t supported and Johnson was arrested For such sad incident of the two woman’s


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