Health Experts React to CDC’s Decision Not to Require Negative Tests After Isolation


Despite external pressure, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention insist that a testing requirement is no longer necessary for their updated isolation guidelines for COVID-positive individuals who want to stop their isolation after only five days. This is a move contradicting the advocacy of numerous health experts who constantly push for the additional testing requirement. CDC stands by its original position that a negative test is redundant for persons with regular temperatures and improved symptoms. CDC added that in lieu of another needless test, they can opt to wear a well-fitting mask for another five days after coming out from isolation. While they do not require additional tests, the CDC did include detailed information for those who choose to take one. The best approach would be to take an antigen test towards the end of the isolation period. They went on in detail that should the result be positive, another 10 days of isolation is required. Otherwise, they can proceed with wearing a mask at home and in public for 10 more days. To counter the criticism behind their decision, CDC emphasized that their move is backed by science. They noted that studies have suggested that a relatively small percentage of people, between 25-30%, followed through with self-isolation in 10 full days. Stressing that self-isolation can be challenging especially with many asymptomatic infections, CDC pointed out that wearing masks is still necessary. This warning comes from the data showing that about 30% of people remain infectious after receiving a positive test.

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