Hannity: The United States Will Never Return To Normal With Democrats In Charge.


In Wednesday’s opening monologue of “Hannity,” Sean Hannity declared that the United States will remain off track as long as the Democratic Party is in power.

“Mark my words: This country will never return to normal with Democrats in charge,” he declared. “They’re not going to let that happen. There will always be a new terrifying variety, and life will have to be put on hold once more. New regulations, mask mandates, employee shortages, and large government spending will always be present. Inflation is simply going to grow worse. It’s now at a 39-year high, as we all know.”

Despite inflation and other challenges throughout Biden’s presidency, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described the president as “wonderful” at the Democratic National Committee’s holiday celebration on Tuesday night.


Clearly, Nancy Pelosi has been consuming far too much spiked ice cream,” Hannity said. “[She] has no idea that inflation is out of control, that our southern border is in a tremendous crisis, and that a supply chain issue is originating at the ports in her own state [of California].”

On Wednesday, Pelosi stated, “The fact is that there is a lawless mindset in our country that flows from who knows why.”She continued, “We cannot allow lawlessness to become the norm.”

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“That’s not rocket surgery, Nancy,” Hannity responded. “Criminals really aren’t punished on a municipal and state level in areas like your home state of California, New York, and elsewhere. Those who have been charged with a crime are released with no bail. In fact, in California, if you take less than [$1,000], you won’t even be arrested.”

If you do not really enforce existing laws, lawlessness will reign supreme. He decided that it always will and always has.

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