Gov. Hochul Wants New York Workers Back In Offices Early in New Year


Gov. Kathy Hochul is urging those who work in New York City to return to work. She hopes to see staff return to work early in the new year to help the local economy.

Hochul also discussed the health and safety issues that had kept many at home. Hochul said on Thursday that 80 percent of individuals in New York are now completely immunized.

Many of the city’s movers and shakers in attendance were relieved by the governor’s statements at the Association for a Better New York — individuals anxious about the restaurants and dozens of small companies whose lives rely on individuals who work in the city patronizing them.

“We understand the impact on tiny subsidiary businesses, mom-and-pop stores, retail, and locations where people stop for coffee and lunch.” “All of those little companies are also suffering until customers return,” she explained.

To sweeten the deal, Hochul promised to make it simpler for individuals to return to work.

“There are no anticipated service delays or fee increases for the remainder of this year or next year,” she stated.

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That had to come as a surprise to MTA officials, notably Acting Chair Janno Lieber, who had merely announced on Wednesday that he might freeze rates for six months.

Getting the 3.1 million individuals who worked in Manhattan prior to the epidemic back to work will be difficult.

According to a recent Partnership for New York City report, just 49 percent of office workers will be back at work by the end of January. According to the report, one-third of organizations intend to lower their office space requirements in New York City during the next five years.

According to Partnership president Kathryn Wylde, it’s a difficult sale, especially for women.

It will also be an issue for firms like Google and Facebook, who were the top commercial space tenants during the pandemic.

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