Forced to rethink mild COVID due to omicron


The rapidly rising rate of infections due to Omicron has led us to rethink the COVID-19 pandemic mindset.

We all have passed the stage of the Delta variant when the extremely transferable and deadly variant made us go through extremely dangerous phases and a high death rate.

And now we are again existing in a very dangerous stage where the variant might not be so dangerous but the transferable rate is still high.


This variant might not be so dangerous in the long run, but in the short run it is harmful to many of Americans because of its high rate of transmission.

The hospitals are already resetting there plans and so do other authorities.

 Even if a small number of people are affected by the virus and land up in the hospital, these might multiply and create a scenario that was made during the Delta variant.

 CDC has also shorterned  the isolation for the vaccinated people.

As, on the other hand, the United States still has a population of unvaccinated and under vaccinated people.

Dara talks about how the Omicron being a mild variant, might and the covert night in pandemic, but but this does not change the fact that this variant might still affect United States in many dangerous ways.

So ,the Omicron variant is forcing us  to reconsider on how we should deal with the mild cases of COVID-19  which might never completely go away.


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 This is a really chaotic and dangerous situation and it should be tackled with proper planning.

 The United States  should take up the omicron in a broader view and be prepared for any more surprises that the COVID can give us again.


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