Floyd Mayweather Jr: Boxing Is The Best Sports In The World But I’m


Although he will not return to professional boxing, the American multi-weight champion is in Mexico City for the WBC convention and has stated that he will remain connected to the sport.

Floyd Mayweather was born into the sport of boxing and will not abandon it since it is in his blood. He claims, though, that he does not miss being in the spotlight since he remains connected to the sport through its rising stars.

“I’m not returning to boxing. No, I’m not going to do that. Boxing was beneficial to me since it allowed me to make wise outside investments. But now I want to support up-and-coming champions like Gervonta Davis, who I don’t understand why he isn’t competing in pound-for-pound competition. The list continues on and on: Terence Crawford, Errol Spence, (David) Benavidez, and so on. “I’m pleased of a lot of extremely difficult fighters out there, excellent new champions,” said “Money.” “In an interview with DAZN News, Mayweather, who is in Mexico City for the WBC Convention.

“This is why I traveled to an exhibition alongside Logan Paul, a YouTuber; we had a great time, and I had a great time. We had a little fun with it, but people need to understand the difference between a real fight and an exhibition. With an exhibition, I only sparred once in a while, but I’m sure there would have been blood from the start if it had been a real fight “Added he.

Mayweather claims that his exhibition-style approach to boxing is more than enough to keep him entertained.

During his visit, Mayweather emphasized the significant impact that the organization managed by Mauricio Sulaiman has had on his career.

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“I won my first world championship in a spectacular battle with Genaro Hernandez, may he rest in peace, 23 or 24 years ago. He gave me the chance, and we fought in Las Vegas and put on a great performance. I’m really fortunate; it all began with Jose Sulaiman; Mauricio shares my vision, and I’m the greatest of all time, which is why my face is on the WBC belts.”

“I’ll be the one on the WBC’s side, on the side of boxing, and I’ll always speak up for what’s right, so we need more conventions like this one. We must clean up the sport; boxing is the finest sport on the planet; it is a game of blood, sweat, and tears “he explained.

“I consider myself really fortunate (to be on the WBC belt); he (Jose Sulaiman) recognized my ability, as did he (Mauricio Sulaiman). I set several records in the sport of boxing. It’s all part of the sport’s essence. My career was focused on being in the sport and bringing it to the next level. Now I’ll keep opening doors for the next generation of small boys “He came to a conclusion.

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