Father of NYC Shooting Victim Correct Media Narrative of Attack: ‘ My Son Was Ambushed and Murdered’


Last October, Ethan Williams was shot and died while on a vacation to New York City, and his father, Jason Williams, went out on “America Reports” to address what had been incorrectly published about his death.

Other news outlets have described the incident as a stray gunshot killing his kid, according to Williams. The 20-year-old was gunned down while sitting with his pals on the front balcony of their Airbnb in Brooklyn, according to his Indiana father, who confirmed that the exchange was deliberate.

The father acknowledged that politics were at play in the situation, but insisted that the fact that his son was not died in a random accident be recognized.

“My kid was ambushed and murdered at the end of the day,” he claimed. “It might have been a lot worse. It may have been one of his pals.”

In an op-ed for the New York Post, Williams encouraged newly-elected mayor Eric Adams to follow through on his campaign pledges by backing law enforcement and confronting the city’s crime problem hard on.

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“The city needs to crack down when someone decides to do a violent crime against an innocent individual going about their everyday business, whether they’re tourists or normal New Yorkers,” he added. “Eric Adams has stated that he does not want to defund the police and that he wants to keep people safe, which we applaud.”

Williams emphasized that the public deserves to know the truth about how to curb crime, which includes keeping dangerous offenders rather than allowing them to post bond early.

Ethan Williams’ case is still under investigation, according to his father, and is a daily nightmare for his family.

“All my wife and I ever wanted to be was parents when we were in high school,” he remarked. “Ethan was a wonderful young man… Poverty, violence, and homelessness both bothered him, and he wanted to help others.”

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